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Ein paar Zeilen hat Valerie über Rusty geschrieben:

From the first visit at three weeks of age, I fell in love with him, the "blue boy" of the litter. A sweet, chubby puppy who caught my eye immediately.
Meanwhile Rusty is 7 years old , and he developed  into an outgoing, very smart dog who loves to explore his limits. He ist the sweetest dog, always around me (mommy´s child...), always in for a cuddle. He loves his Galgo "sisters" Phoebe and Vaca and our five cats.
Keeping him focused outside is a little challenging as he is very interested in everything  around him, wanting to explore his surroundings. He loves walking and swimming, whether summer or winter. Although we haven´t done a lot of hunting training, he has a very good nose and showed good interest in the pheasants during the few hunting  days we ´ve done. And oh yes, he loves his dummies! We also participated at shows regularly, with several "Best of Breeds" and even a "Best in Show" at the Belgian Toller Club Show as a result. Rusty has sired serveral litters. All strong puppies who can´t deny their pedigree.